Roller Blinds

Window and Door Services supply, install and maintain roller blinds. We are your one stop shop for a full range of roller blinds. We supply and install roller blinds utilising the latest fabrics and design features. From retractable Block-Out Blinds for complete light management in bedrooms to insulation backed fabrics for energy efficiency.

Roller blinds are discrete when they are not being used. They mostly fit inside existing window frames or can be fitted outside the window frame if required or preferred. Roller blinds can be drawn down to any level that suits your needs and with the extensive range of fabrics or mesh grades they provide a modern compliment to your décor.

Roller Blinds are a flexible, cost effective solution to privacy and light management. The range of roller blind designs and colours gives you choice and flexibility to meet your practical needs. Our blackout blinds with low profile side guides and full surround can prevent virtually all light coming from the window.  This makes it ideal for young kid’s rooms or shift workers bedrooms where blocking the daylight is desired.

“Block out roller blinds, ‘block out’ the sun light – the best solution for bedrooms”.

When you have problems with harsh sun, glare or light intrusion, roller blinds function to filter the sun’s rays.  Filtering the sunlight not only provides crucial UV-ray protection for your furniture and interior surfaces but also reduces heat.

Reducing heat can save you money in energy to cool your home or business and in furniture maintenance and replacement. Sunscreen roller Blinds block up to 95% of the suns effects protecting your carpet and furniture. They keep your interior environment cool in summer by reducing the effects of the sun’s heat and glare in your house.

Combining roller blinds of various types throughout your home or business provides you with complete light and privacy management. From screens to reduce the suns effects to completely blocking any light gives you the best control of your interior environment.

Roller blinds are a smart and modern solution with various openness grades and wide range of fabrics. Fabrics include insulation backed to meet modern insulation requirements. All our roller blinds come with neutral matching bottom rails, chains and we also recommend child safety clips.

Window and Door Services can also supply ready made blinds. Ready made blinds are an excellent, economical alternative to made-to-measure blinds. You can transform the look and style of your home or business on a budget that suits you.

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